Welcome to Pro Tennis Trader's "Get the Winning Edge in Tennis Trading". 


Hopefully you have already taken my first course titled "Learn to Trade Tennis Matches and Make Daily Profits" and you are now making some great tax free money.


You will be excited to hear that this course will further boost your Tennis Trading Profits by providing you with 4 additional strategies which are used in My Platinum Traders Group.


1. A variation on Swing Trading. 

2. Mr Love30.

3. Creating a Green Book.

4. Jumping on an Early Break. 


These 4 strategies are designed to help you minimise your losses and create more risk averse trades, therefore increasing your profits.

For each strategy, I also include numerous real live trading examples to show you the strategies being implemented.


The course is made of 12 video tutorials and is approximately 2 hours in length. 


If you want to take your Tennis Trading to the next level and supercharge your profits, then I shall look forward to seeing you on the course.


NB: Please only purchase this course if you have some experience in Tennis Trading. 


Once you have ordered this course, you will be able to gain unlimited lifetime access to the course. 

Get The "Winning Edge" in Tennis Trading

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