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The eBook provides you with a step by step guide to getting up and running as a tennis trader. It includes absolutely everything you need to start making money including my top 2 highly profitable trading strategies used by top professional tennis traders such as myself. You will also receive 2 support tickets incase you wish to raise any queries with Pro Tennis Trader.


Contents of this eBook: 42 Pages

Chapter 1: An introduction to Tennis Trading and the basics.

Chapter 2: Let’s Trade: Understanding trading graphs, price movement, starting prices, price balance, trading banks and minimising risk.  

Chapter 3: Strategies 1 and 2. 


This "LITE" version of the Guide to Tennis Trading does not provide you with the Risk Free method of making £100 which is only available when you purchase the Full Guide to Tennis Trading priced at £59.99. 

If you would like to have access to this Risk Free Method and also receive the free eBook, Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas then please purchase the Full Guide to Tennis Trading. 


This eBook is designed to get you making some great profits in no time. 

Guide to Tennis Trading "LITE" eBook