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This eBook is designed to be a simple to read and understand instruction manual to get you up and running as a Pro Forex Trader and start making some money in as little time as possible. Whether you have previous experience in Foreign exchange or Financial trading or you are a complete novice, this eBook will be equally as beneficial to you.

The purpose of this eBook is to give you ONE strategy that I use day in day out which proves to be successful time and time again. Of course it is not 100% full proof, nothing in the financial world is and if someone tells you something is, it is a scam. The fact is, that no matter how good your strategy and your execution is, there is always the possibility of a trade going against you. That is the nature of the markets and that is the nature of trading. If you are new to trading, you must understand this from the very start. Trading is all about getting an edge over the markets so that firstly you win more trades than you lose and secondly, you make more money on your winning trades than you lose on your losing trades. There fore overall you make a profit, otherwise, what is the point in spending your time trading. For the strategy contained in this eBook, my success rate of winning trades is on average between 70% to 85%. So therefore, if you were to purely make the same amount of money on each of your winning trades than you lose on your losing trades you would generate a very good profit. However, my strategy not only generates more winning trades than losing trades but most of the winning trades make more money than the equivalent losing trades meaning even better profit margins. I will show you how this is all done in this eBook.


Included with this eBook:

An Introduction to Forex Trading

Guidance on setting up your account and your charts

A Step by step guide to using "The ONE" strategy

Risk Management techniques

Real life examples of trading strategies

Advice on creating the right mind-set for Forex Trading


This eBook is provided in a PDF format for download. 

Pro Forex Trader "The ONE" Strategy