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I developed this course; Think Like a Trader in response to the overwhelming number of students that I have taught and mentored in the past who have struggled to master their own mindset towards trading.


There are essentially 2 vital components to Trading Success.

1) An Effective Strategy.

2) Your Mindset.


Did you know that your strategy only accounts for 20% of your Trading Success. The other 80% comes down to your thinking and your mindset towards trading.


In this course, I will help you to transform your mindset into that of a highly successful trader. You will no longer feel fear or anxiety around trading. You will learn to accept the risks inherent in trading and embrace them.


We will explore elements such as Fear, Greed, Accepting Losses, Mindfulness and Mastering your Emotions. All of the topics covered in the course are applicable to all types of Trading including Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Commodities and Sports such as Tennis Trading.


The course contains 1.5 hours of content and consists of 9 Sections dedicated to transforming your mindset into that of a Winning Trader. 


If you would like to take your trading to the next level by mastering your mindset towards Trading, then I shall look forward to seeing you on the course.

Think Like a Trader: Develop the Mindset of a Winning Trader