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eBook: Tennis Trading: The Ultimate Guide To

Getting Started + Bonus Strategy.  

Tennis offers enormous potential as a medium for trading. With tens of millions of pounds being turned over in betting exchanges every day on tennis matches it is one of the most profitable sports to trade, if you get it right. But how do you get it right? Well, this book will NOT turn you into a professional trader overnight, but it will show what you need to do to begin your journey as a tennis trader. I will shed light on what tennis trading is all about and how to get started in this money making game. A professional tennis trader of 10 years, I have taught over 6000 people to trade tennis matches through my online courses. This eBook is the perfect starting point for anybody thinking about trading tennis matches. 


Here are the contents of the eBook:


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Tennis Trading

Chapter 2: Why Tennis Trading?

Chapter 3: The Basics

Chapter 4: The Betting Exchange

Chapter 5: Tennis Pricing

Chapter 6: Backing and Laying instead of Buying and Selling

Chapter 7: Registering with Betfair

Chapter 8: Trading vs Gambling

Chapter 9: The 5 Most Common Mistakes New Traders Make

Chapter 10: A Day In The Life Of A Tennis Trader

Chapter 11. When Tennis Trading Can Be Insane! (in a good way!)

Chapter 12: My Trading Set Up

Chapter 13: Bonus Strategy

Chapter 14: Next Steps

Tennis Trading_ The Ultimate Guide

You can download the PDF version of this eBook now for free here.

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