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Why you should be using a VPN with all of your online Activities.

What is a VPN?


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and is an easy to use piece of software that can be installed on almost any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

It helps protect your security and privacy by allowing you to use a different IP address to the one you have at home on your router, encrypting your data.

It basically hides your identity and browsing history so that websites such as Google and Governments cannot trace everything that you do online.

You can choose from various locations all over the world to make certain websites think you are visiting the site from that country and your data is encrypted.



Why use a VPN?


There are many reasons to use a VPN with the main one being added security and privacy when used in conjunction with a good antivirus programme. It prevents websites tracking all of your activities and keeps away prying eyes and hackers.


How does a VPN benefit Tennis Traders?


I personally always use a VPN when trading. I am often abroad in different countries and staying in Hotels with various restrictions on the types of website you can access such as betting sites including the Betfair Exchange.

It also means that if you are doing Matched Betting or Sports Arbitrage Betting, you are able to open new accounts even if other people in your home or network have been restricted or had accounts closed. This is because most bookmakers will make the link between your IP address to accounts rather than names and addresses. Therefore, technically, you can open a new Bet365 account for each family member. And with the ability to make up to £100 per family member just with Bet365 alone, this is a worthwhile investment. Imagine doing this multiple times with all of the bookmaker intro offers and reload offers.

But above all, it is a much safer and more secure way of doing anything on the internet.


Which VPN should I use?


There are loads of VPN providers out there but the VPN that Pro Tennis Trader recommends is NordVPN. Many of our traders have used NordVPN for a long time as have I with great success. You can sign up with a 30 day money back guarantee with NordVPN HERE

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