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So Why Tennis Trading? Here is a little bit more about this great profit generator: 
So what is Tennis Trading? 
If you are completely new to the concept of Tennis Trading, here is an explanation of what it is all about.
Basically, Tennis Trading involves the process of buying and selling the betting odds prices of a tennis player while the match is in progress.
If we take the example of the Foreign Exchange market (Forex), you can buy or sell a currency depending on whether you want the price to go up or go down. If you want the price to go up, you would buy in the hope that when it goes up, you can then sell at a higher price to benefit from the new higher price. Similarly, in Tennis Trading, you can back or lay as opposed to buying or selling. So, like with the Forex market, you can benefit from both a rise in a players’ odds price or a fall in their odds price. By backing a player at a high price, you would look for their price to fall to gain financially and by laying you would look for their price to rise to grab some profit.
In the game of tennis, as there are only two possible outcomes (win or lose), this provides a superb opportunity for trading as there are a number of benefits such as predictability of price movements. With other sports such as football or horse racing, there are more than 2 possible outcomes and therefore trading becomes much more like traditional gambling.
Now because there are only ever two possible outcomes in tennis matches, this gifts us with a superb environment of taking advantage of odds price movements. You will notice in most tennis matches just how much odds prices shift in different directions as the match gains momentum or shifts momentum. Take a look at these screenshots below as just a couple of examples of how a players’ price will change throughout a Tennis Match. And this is even the case, when a player wins in straight sets.
I have nothing against any other form of trading and many people do very well indeed from trading all sorts of markets be it stocks and shares, foreign exchange or binary options etc. In my experience, having dabbled in various other markets, I chose to go lock stock and barrel into tennis trading for a number of reasons.
  • You are able to start trading with small amounts of money and progress as your knowledge, experience and confidence grows. This is the opposite to many other types of trading where there are minimum amounts of money you can trade. You can begin to trade with a demo bank account which does not use real money. Many other types of trading are high risk where you can in some extreme scenarios lose all of your trading bank in one trade. This will NEVER happen if you follow my guide. 
  • You will make your money quickly. There is no waiting around on a trade with sleepless nights wondering if a price will go up or down. With tennis trading the trading is finished during the game and it very often doesn’t even matter what the final result is as in many cases you will be out of the market with your profit before the game is even finished.
  • You do not need to spend hours wading through data and statistics and watching the news to determine how a certain economic event could affect the market.
  • It is fun. Whether you already have an interest in tennis or not, you will undoubtedly find trading the tennis markets a fun and exciting past time. 
  • It is predictable. Now I am not saying here that we can predict what will happen in tennis markets as this would make it too easy and the whole world would want to know the secret. What I am saying is that the price movements during a game of tennis are mechanical. What I mean by this is that by the very nature of tennis and the way the scoring works, we can determine where prices will move to when specific events occur ie: When one player wins the first set. To the best of my knowledge, and I stand to be corrected if somebody knows otherwise, I do not believe there is any other sports market that has this degree of predictability of price movements. 
  • You can trade from home or just about anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Fancy a gap year whilst earning money as you travel? This is exactly what I did.
  • 7 Days a Week Trading. Unlike trading the financial markets which are only open on weekdays, you can trade tennis matches 7 days a week. This is especially beneficial if you work during the week and just want to trade part time at weekends.
  • It's tax free! Yes that is right. As we are using a betting exchange to trade from, there is no tax to pay on any winnings under UK Law. This means that every penny you make from trading is yours to keep and spend how you like. Need I say more?






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