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At Pro Tennis Trader we are proud to include a new addition to our trading ammunition in the form of Pro Forex Trader - A simple one-off strategy which you can trade at any time during the week when there is not much tennis going on. 
Pro Forex Trader

Many of Pro Tennis Traders clients may be surprised to see a Foreign Exchange strategy on offer as this website is all about Tennis Trading. Well, that has now changed. The reason? This strategy is too good not to share with our loyal followers. 

I have traded Forex for a number of years and tried and tested many different techniques and strategies, some more successful than others. In recent years, I have focussed on developing a strategy for trading the foreign exchange markets which I can easily do alongside my Tennis Trading. I found that by getting more involved in Forex trading I was able to fill the void in my life for the days where there was not much tennis going on or there was little liquidity in the tennis markets. 

As you know, if you have ever bought any of Pro Tennis Traders products, I am not in the business of providing lots of different strategies for you to dabble with and see which one suits. I provide only the top strategies that I use on a daily basis and try as best I can to give you these in a straight forward, no fluff kind of way. And so this is what I have done here. I have provided the ONE strategy that I use for Forex trading that I have had and continue to have huge success with. 

With this strategy you can expect between 70-85% successful trades. With many of the trades, you will be capitalising on increased profit so this will take this 70-80% success rate much higher in terms of returns on investment. 

In this eBook, I provide you with a complete step by step guide to get you up and running and making money on the foreign exchange markets. You do not need any prior experience in Forex trading to be successful with this strategy, all of the instructions are provided in a clear and concise way. 

You can download the complete eBook for just £54.99 on the Teachable platform here

Profit Accumulator
The "One" Forex Strategy
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