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Learn to Trade Tennis Matches and Make a Tax Free Income from Anywhere in the World. 
Pro Tennis Trader

I am Fred and I am a professional Tennis trader and have been making consistent profits for the last 8 years. I am now offering you the chance to become a profitable Tennis Trader and make some great Tax free money.

With Pro Tennis Traders "The Complete Guide to Tennis Trading" Video Course you will be up and running and Trading Tennis matches from home or anywhere in the world. Whether you would like to make an extra income or would like to trade full time, I can help you do this. 

  • Proven Profitable Strategies

  • Trade from anywhere in the world

  • Trade part-time or full-time

  • Start from any bank size

  • Unlimited Earning Potential

  • Up to £100 Risk Free Money

What's Included?


Pro Tennis Trader's "The Complete Guide to Tennis Trading" is the full package to get you up and running as a profitable Tennis Trader whether you wish to trade part-time or full-time. This course is ideal whether you are a an experienced Trader or a complete Novice. 

This online video course is made up of 8 sections with just over 2 hours worth of video including real trades to show you how it all works. I provide you with the 4 strategies that I use on a daily basis as a professional tennis trader. 


Course Contents


• Section 1: An introduction to Tennis Trading and the



• Section 2: Some Free money to get you started. How to make upto £100 Risk Free. 


• Section 3: Understanding trading charts, price movement, starting prices, price balance, trading banks and minimising risk.


• Section 4: Strategy 1: ****


• Section 5: Strategy 2: *****


• Section 6: Strategy 3: *****


• Section 7: Strategy 4: *****


•Section 8: Developing the right mind set for Tennis Trading:

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