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I have partnered up with the UK's most popular Matched Betting site, Profit Accumulator to show you how to make some risk free cash to add to your trading profits. So if you have not heard of Matched Betting before, what's it all about?

Matched betting is a technique used to profit from the free bets offered by bookmakers. It’s not a con, it’s not a scam and it’s definitely not dead — it’s completely legal and an effective way to make money. You don’t even need to know anything about gambling or sports to get started.To do this, you must place two bets, one for and one against an outcome. To put it briefly, you win no matter the outcome because you are betting on both outcomes. Simply repeat the process to win again.

By using a service such as Profit Accumulator, you will be guided through step by step on how to do this and provided with dozens of risk free offers every day. 

All of the money made from Matched Betting is Tax Free under UK Law. 

Sign up HERE for your Free Trial in which you can make up to £45

Risk-Free cash. 

You can also enrol on our Top Rated Course: An Introduction to

Risk Free Matched Betting For just £29 here

How does it work? 

In matched betting, you act as the better and the

bookmaker, ensuring that you win no matter what.

It involves making two kinds of bets:

1. A Back Bet. As the name suggests, a back bet

means that you're backing a certain outcome to come

true - you're betting that something will happen.

You place back bets at regular online bookmakers like

Bet365 or Bwin

2. A Lay Bet. With a lay bet, you're betting against a certain outcome -- you're betting that it won't come true so that it cancels out your back bet. You can only place lay bets through betting exchanges like Betfair, which allow you to act as the bookmaker.

The idea is to match your lay bet odds to your back bet odds, so that you cancel out the risk — hence the term ‘matched betting’. You also place your bets on sites offering ‘free bet’ deals so that you can repeat the process without spending any of your own money and therefore increase your profits.

Here is an example of an offer which can be found at Profit Accumulator:


William Hill will give you a £30 Free Bet when you bet £10 on any sporting event. 

First of all, we need to bet £10 in order to unlock the £30 in Free bets. We do this by matched betting. By using the software at Profit Accumulator, we can easily find a sporting event with closely matched odds prices between the back and lay price. For example, the software has found a bet on Andy Murray to win at a price of 1.5. On the Betfair Exchange, the lay price is 1.52. We simply place a bet of £10 at William Hill and then place a lay bet on the betfair exchange. Don't worry, Profit Accumulators calculator will calculate the exact amount of money to place as your lay bet. When you have placed both of these bets, you will make a very small loss of around £0.50p no matter whether the bet wins or loses. This is called your qualifying loss. You are essentially paying 50 pence to unlock the free bets. 


Now that you have placed your £10 Bet, William Hill have now given you a £30 Free bet. You simply repeat the process again with another sporting event found by using the software at Profit Accumulator and the calculator. You will then make a RISK FREE GUARANTEED profit of approximately £25 no matter whether your bet wins or loses. 

You simply repeat this process for tonnes of online bookies, bagging their free bets as cash.

Believe me when I say that once you have completed one or two offers, you will see just how simple it is to make really easy cash.  

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